A desert landscape

About mydogateit.com

What is this all about? Nothing specific at the moment. mydogateit.com has been around for many, many years, and has (d)evolved over time. Primarily it has been a place to post random stuff from time to time, as well as a place to perform web experiments. Because of the experimental nature, of this nothing has really stuck for long. This may change… or not.


The current iteration of this site is using Jekyll as the main CMS, or in this case one may say “site generator”. In the past it has been run on all sorts of things, from good old fashioned static web pages using html and php (ahh the good ol’ days). It has also used a plethora of CMS’s including MovableType (History) and Wordpress. Recently I switched hosting services (was MediaTemple, but things went downhill when GoDaddy bought them out), so I decided to try a bunch of stuff which you can read about elsewhere on this site.

I scrapped the default Jekyll theme (minima) to roll my own. This is an ongoing process.

I’m currently using Bulma as a CSS framework, because it felt right to me. It seems to provide all the basic styles and components without too much bloat (Bootstrap) or hipster, Node.js, everything’s a class hellscapes (TailwindCSS). I of course have, and will likely continue to, tweak it as needed, but it’s pretty vanilla right now (with a few exceptions).